Has my data been transferred securely?

Yes. As long as the address in your browser starts with https://. We use the encryption method SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This protects all data such as credit card number, bank number, bank account number, name and address so that these cannot be decoded by unauthorized persons when being transferred via the Internet.

What are the requirements for my internet browser?

To access all that MyAccount has to offer, you require a current web browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher). The internet browser should meet the following prerequisites:

  • 128 SSL is supported
  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Cookies are enabled

What settings need to be enabled in my web browser?

You must enable both JavaScript and cookies. Please refer to your browser's documentation for enabling these functions.

If I move to a different property within your billing area, am I required to register again?

No. Your new property/Bluewater Power account will be automatically assigned to your online account.

I am changing my e-mail address. Do I need to notify you?

Yes. Please log into MyAccount and update your email address under My Information. It is your responsibility to keep your account information up to date.

How do I receive detailed information about a bill?

You can download any of your bills in PDF format. On the Billing page, the table shows a list of your bills. Find the relevant bill you would like more details on and click on the period (date range) for that bill. A PDF will be downloaded/shown.

I would like to pay a bill by cheque. How do I do this?

You can pay a bill by cheque by either dropping it off or mailing it to Bluewater Power at 855 Confederation St, Sarnia ON N7T 7L6. Alternatively, you can make a payment at your bank.

How can I see my outstanding account balance online?

Your account balance is shown on the Home page and Billing page.

How can I see payments that I have made?

Any payments that have been made on your account are shown on the Billing page under My Payments.

What if I have a concern or question regarding one of my bills?

If you have a question or concern regarding one of your bills, click on the question mark symbol that is located on the right of the Billing page. This will bring up the inquiry form that has been automatically populated with the bill information. Type your question or concern into the comment section of the inquiry and when finished click Send Inquiry. You will receive a response to your inquiry within 24-48 hours to the email address connected to your MyAccount. If you need an answer immediately, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives during regular business hours at (519) 337-8201.

How do I set up eBilling?

You can register for eBilling right from the Home Page below your personal information. You will see a button that says eBilling. Click on the eBilling button, read and accept the eBilling Terms and Conditions and your account will now be set up for eBilling.

How do I set up Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)?

You can do this right from the Home Page below your personal information. You will see a button that says Pre-Authorized Payments. Click on the Pre-Authorized Payments button, read and accept the Pre-Authorized Payments Terms and Conditions and fill in the necessary banking information. Please note, if your bank is not set up in our system, you must contact our office at (519) 337-8201 and speak to a Customer Service Representative who will be able to assist you in setting up Pre-Authorized Payments for you.

Can I pay using my credit card?

Bluewater Power has enlisted Paymentus (a third-party automated payment services company) to accept payments using Visa or MasterCard.

You can also make a payment by calling toll-free at 1-866-288-4924 . Please allow 3-6 business days for the payments to reach our office.

Make a Payment Now

Please note - Paymentus charges a 1.75% service fee when you make a payment. Credit cards cannot be used in conjunction with the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP).

If your service has been disconnected or you have received a collection notice, it is important for you to report your credit card payment to us today by calling 519-337-8201.

My question wasn't answered here. Where can I find more help?

Please visit our website or call us at 519-337-8201.